Darth Arbiter
Vital statistics
Real Name Resda Niyad
Homeworld Byss
Birth 1,090 BBY
Death Currently Alive
Level 17
Species Human
Gender Male
Height Unregistered
Mass Unregistered
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Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Skin White
Era Old Sith Era (1,080BBY - 1,060BBY)

New Sith Era (1,060BBY - Present)

Masters Unregistered
Apprentices Unregistered

Resda was raised in a house overlooking the city. Every day he saw the constant struggle of man against man. All in a pointless struggle to survive a life with no guidance. The people needed guidance; they needed a religious diety to unite behind. But he knew he would need power to do that. He made a church about some god he knew longer remembered but he needed to expand it to increase his range of guidance. So he used people, manipulated them for the greater peace. They may have lived their lives ignorant but they were happy. He used them to increase his church's population. It was all going well until Jedi showed up to stop his church. His priests and bodyguards were killed and the followers released back into their menial life. Apparently the Jedi thought people should be allowed to do what they want even if they did meaningless things. So he fled to the only people he knew that could help. The Sith. He shed his old name and became Darth Arbiter. The one who could solve people's problems easily and was chosen to save the lost people.