Darth Discord
Vital statistics
Real Name Paxus Vaz
Homeworld Tatooine
Birth 1,081 BBY
Death Currently Alive
Level 1
Species Human
Gender Male
Height Unregistered
Mass Unregistered
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Hair None
Eyes Brown/Yellow
Skin Pale
Era Old Sith Era (1,080BBY - 1,060BBY)

New Sith Era (1,060BBY - Present)

Masters Unregistered
Apprentices Unregistered

Like his descendant, Nabano, Paxus was very gifted with the force. The problem was that he wasn’t aware of the great power the he has. Paxus was raised by two loving couple, Elisa and Ulric. One fateful night, Slave traders kidnapped Paxus and sold him to slavery to a greedy hutt named Ku‘sha. He served Ku‘sha for 2 years. After the death of his master, Paxus thought of an opportunity to run away and see his parents again. When he returned home, he was informed that his parents are dead. With no one to go to he lived on the streets and begged for food. With no other option, he decide to become a thief and steal goods from bars, palace, and stores. After stealing and smuggling for 8 years, the Republic recruited Paxus to recover stolen plans from Nar Shadaa. A Jedi accompanied him on his mission and claimed that the Jedi Order sent him to make sure Paxus was safe. Rather than helping Paxus, the Jedi was actually a Sith from the Empire and exposed Paxus. They knocked him unconscious and carried him to an abandoned building somewhere in Nar Shadaa. The same Sith who turned him in was given the opportunity to torture him, hoping to gain more info about the Republic’s plans. Paxus confessed that he didn’t know anything about the Republic and he was just recruited to take back the stolen plans. With anger, the Sith grabbed his face, slams him into the wall, and shot out force lighting. The Sith asked him one more time, but the answer was still the same. This time, the Sith slammed him to the ground and used force push in front of his face. Paxus’ face became deformed and hideous. The Sith thought that he had killed him, so he left him. When the Sith left, he stood up from the ground and covered his ugly face. The Republic quickly found him and put him in a Med lab. They gave him a helmet that would hide his look. After waking up and seeing his new helmet, Paxus escaped the Republic and took on the name Discord. He vowed revenge on the Empire, especially the Sith who deformed his face.