Darth Drakonis
Vital statistics
Real Name Darth Drakonis
Homeworld Trandosha
Birth 1,080 BBY
Death Currently Alive
Level 17
Species Trandoshian
Gender Male
Height Two Meters
Mass 115 Kilometers
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Hair None
Eyes Red
Skin Green
Era Old Sith Era (1,090BBY - 1,060BBY)

New Sith Era (1,060BBY - Present)

Masters Unregistered
Apprentices Unregistered

randoshians as a whole are a violent, aggressive bunch, wanting to increase their "score" to please their goddess. They skin Wookies, become bounty hunters, and just generally make life unpleasant for the rest of the galaxy. Drakonis is not like most Trandoshians. A level headed diplomat and philosopher with a taste for the finer things in life, he is polite, politically correct, and soft spoken, hoping to avoid conflict by making allies. Speaks, Reads & Writes Basic, Dosh, & Kel Dor (intellect) Equipment: Ships: Background/Bio: Drakonis was exactly what a human parent would want; a quiet, well mannered, creative child always finding something new to amuse himself with. Needless to say, in a society where you make your way into heaven by advancing your kill count as much as possible, he was the complete opposite of ideal. "You know, I worry about my son... always trying to talk about this stuff rather than just doing it..." was his father's basic sentiment. It wasn't long before his force affinity was discovered, however, and while his father wasn't happy to see him go, it was probably best for all involved. His time among the Jedi was, as he recalls, was some of the best time of his life. Suddenly, he was in a whole new world with much to learn and many hours of quiet contemplation. At long last, he was allowed to sit down for hours on ends, thinking about how things in the world fit together. The first steps he took towards the dark side were caused, of course, by his curiosity. He couldn't very well go up to a Jedi and start talking about "How do you know it's evil? Why can't it be good? What's the difference?", and the few times he tried, there was always some rather condescending explanation (that made no logical sense) or an answer about it being "the way of things". For years, his curiosity went unsatisfied. Youngling became apprentice, apprentice became Sentinel. In time, that curiosity, once a blaze, had quieted to a few embers. But even embers can start a fire, given the right kindling. And that kindling came in the form of his discovery that the legendary Jedi master Yoda could cast force lightning, an ability of the dark side. Until then, it had never occurred to him that one might use both sides of the force, heal and harm. But when he brought it up, he was looked upon as a threat, and when he refused to stop, he had no choice but to leave the order. He knew that he couldn’t hope to develop his force abilities to their full potential without instruction, but there was more than one group who knew the ways of the force. And as he studied the tales of the Sith in the hopes they might be found, he found that there was always another side of the story he had never heard. True, the Sith often stabbed one another in the back, often lied and deceived one another, but that was done out of a desire to keep their order strong, in a world where they would be killed without trial, without being given a chance to speak, simply because they didn’t hold with the dogmatic, narrow, and incorrect view held by the Jedi. And so he embraced the dark side, casting aside everything he’d been taught about the nature of the force, determined to see the force as it was, without the Jedi’s tainted preconceptions of how it ought to be. Is he evil? “Is it evil to want? Nay, only natural. Is it evil to acknowledge that you want? Of course not! And if it is not evil to want, or to acknowledge that you want, why ever should it be evil in and of itself to try to acquire what you want?”