Darth Lucifer
Vital statistics
Title Sith House Lord
Real Name Karys iv Adas
Homeworld Ssi-Ruuk Star Cluster
Birth 1,006 BBY
Death Unavailable
Level Sith Lord
Species Massassi
Gender Male
Height 6'3
Mass 230 lbs
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Hair Bald
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Skin Bright Blue, Deep Black (darkside)
Era Old Sith Era (1000 BBY - 1060 BBY)

New Sith Era (1060 BBY - Present)

Masters Sacred massassi tradition training
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If the doors of Perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is. Infinite. - Darth Lucifer

Growing UpEdit

Karys iv Adas, the man who would one day grow to be become one of the most feared warriors the galaxy had the pleasure of knowing under the name of Darth Lucifer, was born on a clear, sunny and unconspicious afternoon on the remote planet of Lwhekk in the Ssi-Ruuk Star Cluster as part of a secretive and lost tribe of massassi. His father, a descendant of Adas and leader of the tribe, was overjoyed at this occurance for he had tried many times to produce a suitable heir to the Adas legacy only to be met by miscarriage after miscarriage. As a result, he indulged his son with exotic and rare gifts on occasion but never to the extent that he became spoilt.

A the age 0f 7 Karys was taken from the family home to begin the sacred massassi tradition of the males joining the warrior caste entailing him to a life of brutal and unforgiving treatment in a spartan like regime of training in preparation for his future role as leader of the clan. For the next 18 years, Karys's life consisted of brutal training in hand to hand combat, the art of deception, stragedy and all manner of tactics of war even going so far as being actively forced and indeed encouraged to steal from purposely set up stalls from which he could steal and pickpocket...less he starve, to be caught was to be be tied to a wooden pole and brutally lashed across the back by bamboo rod until his flesh tore asunder. Other activites included the tradition of hunting with his clan brothers so all of the clan could eat. He often took detours to sacred relics ignoring clan rules earning yet more beatings despite what his father and his tutors tried to instill in him. At first he met much resistance to his actions from his father and tutors but in time, they began to understand the insatiable curiosity within his soul for knowledge and of knowing the world beyond the tribe. In combat many times did Karys display a viciousness and power unsurpassed by the other men with whom he shared his duals it was said that he was soulless for he showed no mercy to those he fought.

Final TestEdit

On his 18th year Karys learnt of his dormant force sensitivity when he ventured out into the wild to complete his final test...his trial of manhood among the tribe and secure his place as successor to his father. It was while out in the wild that he learnt of his ancestry by stumbling across a ancient monument built for the former Dark Lord Adas, it was his force ghost inside the mounument that told of how Karys was descended from him and it was he who prophesized that one day he would become a power unmatched and feared by all. Shortly after this Karys suffered a vision of his tribe burning and of a ship close to the vicinity, dismissing it as nothing he continued the trial completing it only to return to his tribe in flames and brutally murdered and his parents dead with what looked like burn marks across their torso, his vision had come true it was then he realised he had viewed the future in his mind but how was a mystery to him and thus he looked around for an answer to spot a unguarded ship just as his vision had entailed.
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Stealing the ship Karys departed for the depths of space and the great unknown, finding that he had a natural talent for piloting the massassi plotted a course to the closest active star system before making his way to what he heard was the galaxies capital Coruscant. For the next four years Karys earnt his keep doing various delivery and underworld jobs for local crime syndicates acting as somewhat a freelance enforcer of sorts before a disagreement regarding pay ensued and they departed ways but not before Karys set about making an example of them via stealing a sizeable portion of wealth...dirty money that was being transported from one location to another. Using this wealth Spaga invested in acquiring a majority share in the Zaltin Corporation based on Thyferra thus becoming a large shareholder in the company in exchange for monetary compensation and a large hand in the bacta production and other assorted products, befor long Karys had his hands in everything from legal to illecit means and as a result his wealth grew it was at this point that Karys met the Korriban clans for the first time having accidently stumbled across Korriban and thus made quite the name there via dualing one of the elders and besting him to earn the right to become part of the clan. It was shortly after that Spaga found his funding on Thyferra mysteriously disappear and as such he found other means of making his way.

Clone WarsEdit

At the outbreak of the Clone Wars a messenger came to Karys having heard word of his expertise in combat who urged him to join the fighting and take up a well paid position in a black ops group that was founded by the senate in secret to combat the threat that was the Seperatists tasked with tracking down and locating the leadership before silently dispatching them. Karys accepted his lust for war and the thrill of battle having never left him, the fact that he would be getting well paid for what he loved to do only strengthened his choice. After recieving advanced training from a Mandalorian commander who led the unit Karys learnt the language of the man, the mandoa and began speaking it fluently to relay commands without alerting the enemy. After many battles and victories deep inside enemy territory his mandolorian commander was killed and as a result the helm of leadership fell upon him. Later in the war and after many successful campaigns a small contingent of assassins were sent to assassinate Karys in a attempt to end his reign of terror and stop him taking out vital targets within the Seperatist ranks, a attempt which failed Karys Spaga training having overcome them although Karys started to work out that was not all which saved so many times when he had come so close to death.

With the end of the Clone Wars, and the founding of the newly formed Galactic Empire the Black Ops group became obsolete in the face of the much cheaper and easier clone units and thus was systematically shut down by the Emperor. Secretly he had each member of the Black Ops team eliminated knowing that they knew too much about his plans Karys among them however the massassi was a survivor and thus survived his private purge to go into hiding only to be discovered some months later on Roon.

Once the wealthy massassi was discovered it was only a matter of time before he was located planetside. After besting many of the Emperor's best warrior's he became so enraged that he sent the sith lord Darth Vader to deal with the threat personally. Having fought Karys lost his first battle in his life and was humbled by the experience, he had never faced a man so powerful or seen such mastery of a something he could not see not knowing it was the force that he controlled, Karys blindly refused to join him thinking it to be some type of witchcraft or magic after being given a once in a lifetime offer after Vader discovered that the massassi was strong of the force thinking he would be a suitable replacement for the traitorous Galen Marik as his apprentice


This refusal did not go unchallenged...a vicious dual ensued, a dual which Vader won leaving Karys for dead he headed back Coruscant to inform his master of his tasks completion. A few days later a hermit of sorts located the badly wounded Karys taking him to his hut he fixed the massassi up as best he could. As the massassi healed he began to train vigourously in order that he may best Vader the next time if he were to meet again, his efforts were noticed by the hermit a notable master of the martial art Teras Kasi secretive and the secretive martial art K'thri who saw a great potential in the massassi and so offered to train him in the arts a offer which karys accepted never one to dismiss a chance at improving his prowess in battle. 5 long years passed and the now older and wiser Karys left the hermit vowing never to forget him or his teachings as he departed for the stars with a newfound guidance...a bushido code of sorts of which he would forever live by.

Spaga after Palpatine's first death returned to Korriban where he found out that other massassi clans existed. He remained there, in a prominent position in politics and upon the war council often taking time out of his hectic schedule to train the young massassi warriors there much to his counsin Kareval's amusement....the two would become bitter rivals for Kareval resented Karys jealous and envious of his position and what he had achieved in life this hatred remained throughout the entirety of Palpatine's second reign and for as long as Karys remained throughout the years on Korriban. A few years later Karys left the main city after feeling a calling within to the valley of the dark lords where he soon travelled to investigate the source of the having been when he was but 18 years old and unknown of the sith he stepped into the cursed valley to a unknown fate. It was here that Karys was informed of his force sensitivity by the source of the call in the force...a mysterious Gen'Dai Sith Marauder. It was a surprise to him at first but slowly grew on him as he discovered it was the force which had saved him so many times from deaths door. The man called himself Darth Nefarious at that moment recruited Karys into the New Sith Brotherhood where he was subsequantely learnt abilities during his training which made him as a god almost to his people and Karys himself found he had a natural aptidude for war and thus took up the path of the fabled sith marauder.

Sith Civil War - Sith New OrderEdit

Lucifer trained regularly in the many lightsabre forms of combat...preferring the Vaapad and Jar'Kai forms of combat over the double blade or the advanced Ataru form...Lucifer set about early in his career as a sith developing his skills with the sabre until he mastered them it was at that moment he renamed himself to a name that would forever be known in infamy as...Darth Lucifer.

During the sith civil war Lucifer was among the first to see through Snide's treachery, he conspired with the then Lady Hecate to place her as the Dark Lord and remove the current ruler, a man he considered had grown weak and inaffective against the jedi. He took part in the raid upon the temple that would see Darth Snide dead at the battles end. The massassi lead a successful lightning campaign that cultimated ended with him outflanking his enemy with a swift attack from the right flank before his forces clustered the enemy together and wiping them out. A manauver which has become his trademark against his enemies.

Lucifer was chosen to lead the new order of Marauders after having defeated his former master Darth Nefarious in battle when he sided with Darth Snide, proving himself the superior marauder.