Darth Revatis
Vital statistics
Real Name Tarkov Jiralhanae
Homeworld Naboo
Birth 1,038 BBY
Death Unavailable
Level Sith House Lord
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5'10
Mass 180 lbs
Height {{{height}}}
Hair Black
Eyes Yellow
Skin Pale
Era Old Sith Era (1000 BBY - 1060 BBY)

New Sith Era (1060 BBY - Present)

Masters Master Houg (Deceased) (1040 BBY)

Darth Illian (MIA) (1060 BBY)

Apprentices None

"There is no reason to hate the Sith's deeds. It must be looked upon as a neccesary part of the order of the universe. To ignore it is childish, to bewail it is senseless, and to attempt to go againsts its power..foolish"

Darth Revatis-


Tarkov Jiralhanae was born in an unknown location on the planet Naboo (exact location is hidden from known map scanners and archives in many systems). Tarkov was son to mother Ceryie Jiralhanae, and father Harende Jiralhanae. Harende a prestige Jedi, later exiled for fleeing from his duties of the Jedi Order, a reason for doing this was to be with the woman he loved dearly, Ceryie. Ceryie Jiralhanae was a Sith that served her cause as an Alchemist of potential power of (with time) becoming a Sith Lord, though with the meeting of her to be lover Harende. Despite the deep passion she felt for serving her Sith Master, she abandoned them, to much against her will, stripped herself of her Sith title and became a self proclaimed "Jedi". With the time they had fleeing, Harende and Ceryie escaped to the outskirts of Naboo, hoping to seek refuge, escape from both sides, both being enemy. With a passing year of their sudden arrival on Naboo, a child was conceived, thus bringing the birth of their son Tarkov.

With the passing years, the two lovers and their now son Tarkov, managed to stay hidden from both the Sith and the Jedi Order, finally relieved of their worry and was able to live out their life and take care of their son. With the age of five now Tarkov was walking and speaking in mumbles, though showing early signs of obtaining the gene of force sensitivity, this was realized when Tarkov was able to (weakly) lift small objects that were many feet away from him, though with both dominant parents containing the gene, it was not surprising that the gift had passed down to Tarkov.

The Jiralhanae family was not that of wealthy status, in fact they had been in poor reputation of the village of being in extreme poverty, though their reputation of well manner and friendly personalities made up for the people to know them as borderline bankrupt citizens. Harende without a serious profession anymore, made small work around the village, doing various amount of jobs for a handful of credits, that barely putting food on the table for the family. Ceryie was of course in charge of keeping Tarkov safe and maintain his growing, along with a light task of keeping up with Tarkov's curiosity of using his unknowing force abilities. The family was skinned of what money they had on a day to day basis, though Harende in confidence loved his family enough to mimic is previous days of work and bring what food he could to take care of his wife and son.

The passing years, Tarkov being now at the age of ten, their luck seemed to uplift their current status and put them in a more financial secure lifestyle. Harende had found himself serving a crew that would keep security of the village, and if need be, go out of its bounds to seek out criminals and bring them in for a hefty bounty piece, of course along with its payment of work. With the now working Harende, he was able to provide his son and wife with a stock of food to last them for weeks if stretched, and for decent clothing to wear. It was until Harende had to move more and more out of the village to hunt criminals that Ceryie had worried for her husband, in which against her wishes, allowed him to continue working for the security squad.

Mother's SacrificeEdit

A year had passed since the uprising luck of the Jiralhanae family, though with a turn of misfortunate events, a tragedy was to unfold before them. Unknowingly the Sith had come in contact with spies in the native village in which the Jiralhanae was residing, the informant giving the just information the Sith needed. It was within a short period that they had made their presence known in the village and several areas around it. The village was in a panic, with the invasion of several troopers, they were in seek of the Jiralhanae family, or more importantly the Sith they had received information on, and very much needed to return (simply for the reason of punishment for betraying their bounds). It was then that Ceryie had gave a very important choice, finally acting on her word of being a "Jedi". She informed Harende what the Sith were in search of, and for the sake of their son, that he himself take Tarkov to the Jedi temple to be properly raised, or in some area where the Sith could not reach him. To much against his pleas, Ceryie denied and moved him to the safety of a ship, to which Tarkov and Harende could escape. Harende did as instructed, knowing it was best for his son, knowing he would have no chance to run, nor to get away on his own knowing nothing of space flight much less proper functioning of a ship. The whereabouts of Ceryie are unknown, whether she had died there on Naboo or had made haste and escaped the Sith.

Jedi YounglingEdit

It wasnt long before they had reached their primary location of the Jedi Temple, it was a strange feeling for Harende, being back to a place that he had so long ago called his home, seeing it nearly bringing tears to his eyes, though in spite of the moment held his emotion until he had finished what he had came to do. Tarkov was confused as to why he was dragged away from his home planet and brought to this wonderful city, the buildings and mass structures were awe inspiring to Tarkov, never before having the privilege to see such structures, beautiful sights in his life until now. Hooded and cloaked Harende and Tarkov made their way up the slope of stairs that lead upward to the Jedi Temple, one at the top Harende placed his hands on Tarkov's shoulders, shaking as though ready for execution, though this was fear and sadness of leaving his son, for what he would know would be, forever.

Tarkov did as his father has instructed him without question, despite his young age he could feel the remorse of his father's decision, the sadness was blankly planted on his face. Tarkov would manage to find Master Houg, to which he would be taken under his wing and trained in the arts of a Jedi. Master Houg was in seek of the council's guidance, knowing who this boy was, to which his last name gave the evidence away, and with this boy here now they could provide such information that they could come in contact with their old member. Brought before the Jedi council Tarkov could not find the words to speak to them, in the presence of these power individuals, with plain common sense contained such regal position within their society. The council had not received a piece of information out of Tarkov as they had hoped for, though with the time they had spent together, the council was well aware of feeling the force sensitivity that ran through his veins, such as his father, and to one Council member's sense, a Sith's blood. With a passing vote Tarkov was to be taken under by Master Houg and taught the way of the force and that of Jedi standards.

Tarkov was now an apprentice of Master Houg, earning his place after a few years of training and responsibility being shown through his actions, Tarkov was shaping up to be a quite proficient Jedi Apprentice. Tarkov was now at the age of fifteen and was to be facing a truer test of skill in the coming years, though for the next two years Tarkov would remain at his Master's side, taking mission escorts and various tasks to keep one's self busy. Tarkov with quickly progressing force abilities and powers, was more than willing to learn more of skill, that of power, at which one point frankly asked to learn more before his time, of course which was denied. Tarkov was not fond of the limitations that the Jedi had placed over him, not understanding why if one has power why not raise its to its peak and use its ability for what you wish to win or gain. Tarkov would not question any longer, it was clouding his mind and was something he did not enjoy, feeling confused.

The years had passed, two to be exact and the feud between the Sith and Jedi were reaching peaks that would threaten invasions. Master Houg was one of many Jedi that were recruited for a classified Jedi Order mission that would involve infiltrating multiple Sith cruisers in seek of Sith or Sith lord that may be able to be brought back for questioning, hoping to gain some tactical stragedy over the Sith. Tarkov being that he was Master Houg's Apprentice, would company him on his mission, though not able to face a Dark Lord, or Sith alone was to be tested on his strength. Departure for the cruisers went shortly after being briefed and proper prepared for the mission.

Fall of a MasterEdit

The brigade of Jedi ships had scurried all in one location of the Galaxy, in seek of multiple Sith cruisers, to there luck had happened to stumble upon while passing an unregistered planet. Many of the ships moved to the same ship, though most spread their reach and infiltrated the cruisers, Master Houg and Tarkov were pushed in the line to a flag ship that was falling behind from the rest of the ships, to which Master Houg and Tarkov seeing odd, seeing as though they were assigned to a front of a brigade. Master Houg and Tarkov had no problem sneaking passed Imperial troopers and agents, moving through the make of the ship and pass security bulkheads that proved difficult to pass at times, though with effort were able to move through to their objective. Master Houg was moving to the observation deck, Tarkov quick on his heels, ready to aid his master if someone were to attack from a flanking position. Within a couple of minutes, Tarkov and Master Houg moved though enough ventilation shafts and came head over the observation desk, with a ignition of his lightsaber Master Houg pierced the shafts walling and allow Tarkov and himself to fall to the floor below. The observation was dead of troops, though by the window, standing silently was a black cloaked figure. Master Houg could identify a Sith anywhere, Tarkov on the other hand could not.

Master Houg: "Reveal yourself" Master Houg ordered as he seen the cloaked figure shuffle his feet, seeming as though he were turning around, though was continuing to watch out the window at the other ships. To much of Houg's frustration the cloaked figure did not turn his way to show his face.

Tarkov would not move from his place, rather standing feet firmly pressed to the ground with his lightsaber in hand, ignited and ready to fight if this were to prove to be a threat.

The Cloaked figure slowly turned, revealing slowly his face to both Tarkov and Master Houg, the man was sickly looking, pale pasty skin that you would expect to someone who lived in the snow mountains, not receiving much sun, his eyes were red, burning with what looked as though strained veins within his eye, as though he were ill tempered at all times. With a stroke of his hand, his robes fell to the floor, underneath revealing his battle armor, it was red, tubes running from his shoulders to a medical looking device on his back, with green fluids streaming through them into his shoulders, the skin where the tubes were inserted seem to pulsate with an odd sensational look. With a hum a red blade was ignited from his hilt, to which Tarkov would first lay eyes on a Sith target, fearful, and awed.

The Sith cleared his throat, which sent a hum toward the room's walls, making them echo with an eerie sound that made a twinge in Tarkov's nerves, making him somewhat uneasy, though fully focused as to what he would have to do, fight. The Sith casually stepped down from the seating stairs that were placed before him, a bit of ways before Master Houg and Tarkov. With a hiss the Sith began to speak, sending his dark voice across the room into the ears of both Tarkov and Master Houg.

250px-Revan Malak Sith Emperor

Tarkov and Master Houg facing Darth Illian

"What does an old man, and a child have business upon my vessle?" The Sith questioned, his blade humming beside him as it swayed at the easiness of his wrist and its hold.

"State your name Sith!" Master Houg said, not needing to answer his questions, though merely looking for information of this Sith, not to kill, and if a required grab target, was needed to bring back to the temple for questioning.

"I am Darth Illian, glorious death bringer of you unskilled Jedi" Darth Illian said, throwing a cocky grin to Tarkov, knowing he was an Apprentice, undertrained and lacking in faith to win this battle.

Darth Illian had moved forward, springing the attack toward Tarkov, to which Master Houg had moved in charge of, blocking his blade and keeping him at bay as Tarkov snapped from his fear and moved into trying to strike the Sith with his blade. Master Houg and Tarkov moving in a flurry of blade techniques, to which Darth Illian simply moved out of the way of, using their exerted energy against them, as if trying to tire them to where they had no power to attack anymore, to which was true, after a while, both apprentice and master grew tired, in which Darth Illian took the upper hand and starting attacking Master Houg, it was a flash to which Tarkov could not notice, Houg had moved in a form that would leave the Sith open, and which Master Houg exposed and held the blade at the exposed area, Darth Illian, knowing he was close to death if not subdued first, he knelt and looked into the eyes of Master Houg with a smile.

"By the Jedi Order, you are to be contained and brought back for questioning" Master Houg had pantingly said, tired of the effort pressed battle with Darth Illian. "Tarkov move to the station and repo...UGH!!.."

Without spotting it with enough time, a plasma charge spiked Master Houg in the back, leaving a trail of smoke move from the opening wound as he fell to his knees and finally with a thud to the floor below, his head slapping against the ground. Darth Illian gave a kurt nod to the Imperial Agents behind Tarkov and Master Houg the entire time. The frightened and now much infuriated Tarkov ignited his lightsaber and flailed his strikes in an unorthadox manner, any manner in which he could land a clean strike on Darth Illian, though despite his best efforts the Sith brought a painful backhand to the left side of Tarkov's face, sending him back to the Imperial Agents, though with the much anger running through his body, he quickly regained himself and started attacking the Imperial Agents, with a flurry of ragefull strikes.

Tarkov cut through the first wave of Imperial Agents, their armor proving no challenge to the burn of his light saber, though within a short time Tarkov had grown weak of his rage like attacks running out of energy to hold himself up. Soon finding himself surrounded by Imperial Agents, and before him Darth Illian. Tarkov could only watch as Darth Illian stepped over his Master and come before him. The Agents quickly and
280px-Revan fights Sith

Tarkov facing Illian's Troops

roughly took grab of Tarkov, as two held him, another came and sent a punch to his stomach, knocking the wind out of Tarkov. Darth Illian gave a wave of hand to call off his Agents. Tarkov fell to the floor, before the boots of Darth Illian, to which he had a smile on his face, looking down at the fallen Jedi Apprentice.

Darth Illian took up his wrist, to which a tech-plate was over his gauntlet and called in an intercom over the ships. "Blow the charges in the ships, they are inside now" within the minute of the order, the Jedi filled cruisers that they had first expected full of Sith were merely decoys, and with a horror Tarkov watched as Jedi were blown out of the sky in the very ships they were seeking to destroy. Darth Illian turned over his shoulder, giving a look to Tarkov, who was moments away from passing out. "I have plans for you young Jedi" Darth Illian said with a grin as Agents began to drag Tarkov away.


It was shortly after the tragedy in the Sith cruisers that left several Jedi dead, and to one in mind, Tarkov's Jedi Mentor, Master Houg. Tarkov had awoken within a solid room, the fogging flooring below left a chill in the room, adding to its already eerie setting, making matters worse Tarkov had been restrained to a chair, metal cuffs added to the chair which held his hand down, his legs mimicking the hold. To much of Tarkov's frustration could not force the cuffs off, despite the amount of effort he had in the force to break them from his wrist, proving useless Tarkov remained settled and awaited to what would come.

Darth Illian would enter the room, and engage in what he would share as "Erasing" Tarkov's mind, erasing those memories of his time in the Jedi Order, all the training that he had received, much of it painful, as it was (in Darth Illian's tactics) used by force lightning, electrocuting Tarkov, messing up his mental nerves, that of which he would start breaking the mold of his fondest of memories, his deep secrets and his previous life as a Jedi Apprentice. With much work that had done, after months of electro shock "erasing", Tarkov was a mindless lost young adult, not knowing why he was aboard the ship and to as who the man was, and why he was incased in this chair. To much of Darth Illian's plan, erasing the memories of when Tarkov was in the Jedi order, serving as an apprentice, to that he left blank, ready to fill with Sith lies and convert the young man into the dark side of the force.

When Tarkov was completely erased of his previous life, Darth Illian finally released Tarkov, in his eyes taking him under as an apprentice who he would mold into a most unrelenting Sith Alchemist. Tossing aside his previous name, Darth Illian from that point appointed him the name Darth Revatis, filling his head with the idea that he was a Sith Alchemist, in training under Darth Illian and was at most distaste against the Jedi, and with a blank mind, Revatis believing this true, and becoming to his new identity. From that point, after the young man's mind was so savaged of old memories and filled with lies, was training Revatis into the arts of the dark side of the force, focusing his training into saber training and alchemy training, to which he would become quite skillful, proving to be a much better Sith Apprentice rather than Jedi.

Darth Illian darbbed Darth Revatis into new cloaks, black cloaks, and providing him pieces of armor, to which a mask came. True reasons of giving Revatis the mask was to conceal his face from the Jedi, if they were to gain hold of Revatis, with a single look would know the identity of Revatis and do their best to revert the young man back to the Jedi. Revatis doned the mask with pride and swore to keep it in faith and oath to hunt and kill Jedi.