Empress Hecate
Vital statistics
Title Empress
Real Name Arluna Star
Homeworld Naboo
Birth 1,026 BBY
Death Unavailable
Level Empress
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'5
Mass 135 lbs.
Height 5'5
Hair Black
Eyes Blue, Purple (With Contacts)
Skin Pale
Era Old Sith Era (1,000 BBY - 1,060 BBY)

New Sith Era (1,060 BBY - Present)

Masters Darth Sane
Apprentices Darth Beren

"I am your fear,I am your pain, I am your death, I am Sith"

-Empress Hecate

Empress Hecate is the Dark Lady of the Sith in the Fate of the Force online role-playing game. Her reighn of the Sith began in the year of 1,060 BBY.

About Empress HecateEdit

Empress Hecate was introduced in the role-play at the galactic year of 1,060 BBY. Hecate was born as Arluna
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Hecate's Tiger "Zirnitra"

Star to Llewas and Celestine Star on Naboo. She was brought to the Jedi temple as a child and trained there until she was a young adult. She then went on a mission as part of her trials. She joined a Sith group to spy on them. A few months in, Arluna had gradually forgot about her mission. She was working with a High Inquisitor and soon married him. Some months later, he was mysteriously killed as the Sith began crumbling. That
Hecate during the New Era

Hecate before the New Sith Era

changed Arluna's life forever. She fled and soon after, got involved in another group of Sith. Sith Lord Slade was the leader. She soon went under his training. Slade taught Arluna about the Sith, it was something she'd never knew before that time. A year later Arluna, now with her new Sith name, Darth Hecate, lead a small group of Sith to overthrow Slade. Most of her group were eventually defeated but Hecate dealt the final, deadly blow to Slade in the end. Her time has come. A new Sith era has begun.

Hecate is now searching for her late husband's killer.