Fate of the Force is a Star Wars forum based role-playing game franchise. It is a fictional universe created by George Lucas and the role-play itself by Becky Kontny. The Star Wars story employs archetypal motifs common to science fiction, political climax and classical mythology, as well as musical motifs of those aspects. Fate of the Force was founded on July, 26 2011 and is still running to this current day.



The Fate of the Force setting is placed within the science fiction story created by George Lucas, though in an alternate user developed storyline and characters, make their own story to role-play therefore adding their own touch to the original story created by George Lucas. The Fate of the Force takes place during the year 1,060 BBY, this is during the time character, Empress Hecate, slays the Previous Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Snide, thus taking the role of Empress Hecate, she is bringing about a new order in the Sith and the story will play out depending on how the Sith choose to do their reign over the galaxy, or if the Jedi can say anything about their mission of ruling the galaxy and bringing about a Sith ruled Galactic Empire.