Shadow Lord Blazze
Vital statistics
Real Name Johnathon Blazze
Homeworld Naboo Highlands
Birth Unregistered
Death Currently Alive
Level 15
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 6'5
Mass 235lbs
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Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Skin Light Tan
Era Old Sith Era (1,000 BBY - 1,060 BBY)

New Sith Era (1,060 BBY - Present)

Masters Unregistered
Apprentices Unregistered

His parents were killed in a battle on Naboo. He was picked up by the Sith to train him to be a powerful warrior. He trained as an assassin during the time of Byss. Blaze was trained using the force and using different types of weapons. Blaze was a fast learner of the assassins. Byss was killed on his star destroyer in a big space battle. The reign of Byss was over. All of the faction leaders were fighting over who was going to take over. A Civil War started, leaving the far side of Korriban in ruins..far from the massassi and Kissai clans who lorded over the planet. Blaze left his home, to find a new one only to be drawn to a tomb in the Valley Of The Dark Lords...that of Tulak Hord. There he was consumed by fear and hatred for the jedi as he found a ancient holocron seemingly left on it's own atop a pedastal. Within moments of opening it Blazze found himself overwhelmed by Tulak's spirit, until he found himself alive...Tulak questioned his purpose to which Blazze could not reply. Finding the potential within the spirit of Tulak Hord agreed to train him after revealing he was a sith spirit and thus Blazze was allowed the holocron...accepting Hord's offer when faced with a stark choice...become his apprentice and unlock unlimited power or die in the tomb. He stayed there for many years growing in power with each passing day as he learned the ancient and almost forgotten path of the Sith Blood Assassin going on several missions into the galaxy for his ghostly master until the day came when he became a master himself and was freed of his service to go forth and pass on his knowledge into the galaxy spreading the very will of the darkside but only after a intense ritual from ancient days...a ritual which would physically and mentally change Blazze. He felt his face and skin burn as his body began to change and fire descended upon him. By the end of the ritual his face was not as a human but of a fiery flaming skull...the 'Flames Of The Darkside' as he was told was the name. Tulak Hord called it a honor to have such a gift as Blazze was gifted with great force ability as a result. After that he was left seeking himself and his new purpose only to find Lady Hecate some years later becoming among the number who joined her ranks when the rebellion broke out when he found the philosophy of Darth Snide to be somehow wrong and after nearly being killed by the man on their first meeting. However after Snide's death he was given co-lordship of a great house to serve with his soon greatest friend Lord Lucifer. He found a new home after years of searching and seeks out all who wish destruction upon the Sith end the Jedi and their allies through stealth.