The New Sith Era - 1,060 BBYEdit

During the year of 1,060 BBY, a Sith Lord that went by the name Darth Snide, was in rule of the Sith Order. During his reign as Dark Lord of the Sith, the order was in the middle of a Sith Civil War, which composed of Old Order Sith facing off against their brothers which they were dubbed "Rebel Sith". The Rebel Sith were born under their natural leader Darth Hecate, was in turn going in mutiny against the Dark Lord of the Sith Snide. Months


Darth Hecate, the new Empress of the Sith

during this timeage Hecate and her "Rebel Sith" were detecting the very whereabouts of Darth Snide and all that follow him in his false reign of Sith Lord. The very fiber of his existence was hanging from a thread, and that thread cut shortly after. The "Rebel Sith" had gained knowledge of his whereabouts, being led by their commander Darth Hecate, they raided the Sith Temple, killing Old Sith followers and citizens alike, the battle had raged on for quite some time, devestating losses were both beyond comparison for both sides of the Sith. Darth Hecate, needing this victory to be a desisive one, was quick to attack Darth Snide and ultimatatly bringing him to his knees in utter defeat, with one final deathblow that would finish his reign over the Sith, he was killed at the feet of Hecate. Darth Hecate, killing off the Dark Lord of the Sith, took her rightful place at the throne, bringing about the Sith's new Empress, "Empress Hecate". To that point on, Hecate would bring about a New Era for the Sith.